8 Things you need to know if you’re new to Phoenix

Welcome to Phoenix!

For whatever reason, you’ve relocated to the Valley of the Sun. You’re moved in, got a permanent job, are not a “snow bird” (in AZ for less than 7 months any calendar year), are planning to register to vote, placed kids in school and are getting acclimated to the dryness.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  1. If you brought a vehicle from out of state, it is the law that you must obtain an Arizona vehicle registration and driver’s license immediately! Visit 1 of our 2 convenient locations and we’ll take care of your vehicle registration in a jiffy!
  2. You should visit a dealership of your vehicle’s make and get it coated. Otherwise the intense sun here in Phoenix will destroy your paint. You’ll see many vehicles around with a tie-dyed look – that’s what causes it.
  3. Drink lots and lots of water! The other day it was 5% humidity. That’s dry. Very Dry. It’ll take your body several months to get used to the dryness. If you’re thirsty, you’re dehydrated. Always have a glass or bottle of water at your desk at work and drink pure water. Juice and soft drinks don’t cut it. Coffee will also dehydrate you so limit your intake. Take plenty of water with you when you hiking.
  4. Wear sunscreen if you go hiking, walking or doing any outside activity. In the summer, don’t go hiking after 10 am. The heat is too intense.
  5. At 6 pm, in the heart of the summer, it’ll still be in the 100s. Heck, at 11 pm it’ll still be in the 100s! I can almost guarantee that wherever you’re from, after 4 pm it usually get’s cooler. Not in Phoenix. That’s the HOTTEST time of the day. The concrete all over the city absorbs the sun’s heat and it radiates back up. And, yes, it’s a DRY HEAT! It’ll feel like you’re in a oven compare to the steam room you may be used to.
  6. View of downtown Phoenix from Shaw Butte by Giselle AguiarThat mist you see in the distance is the infamous Brown Cloud of the Phoenix valley. It’s a mixture of dust and pollution. If you suffer from any respiratory illnesses, watch out for bad air quality days and limit your time outdoors.
  7. Register to vote by Oct. 8, 2012 if you want to vote in the General Election Nov. 6You can register online, but you’ll have to send them eventually some proof of citizenship and residency.
  8. Arizona does not observe Day Light Savings Time. In the summer, we’re the same as Pacific Time and in the Winter, Mountain Time. Some time ago, the powers-that-be decided that with the heat in the summer (see #6 above) we didn’t need an extra hour of daylight!

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