What to do with the car you inherited

It’s what you’ve always wanted! An eccentric uncle leaves you his property in his will. Wow! You get excited, but then you wonder, “What did I get?” That happened recently to Gary, a young central Phoenix entrepreneur.

He drives up to the address given to him by the lawyer and finds a not-too-shabby mobile home. As he puts the key in the door, he dreads what’s inside. “Was he a hoarder?”

Amazingly enough, eccentric Uncle Jack wasn’t. He kept a rather clean home full of WWII memorabilia. As Gary walks around, he sees pictures of Uncle Jack in front of a B52 bomber and his war buddies. “Gee, I should have gotten to know him better. I bet he had some great war stories!” He then sees a picture of him in front of a 1954 Chevy. “Cool car.”

After he walks around the house he goes out to the back yard where there’s a detached garage. He unlocks the padlock and as the sunlight illuminates the contents, Gary is pleasantly surprised. There sits the 1954 Chevy! It hasn’t been driven in years, but Gary sees it as a restoration project. “How did Uncle Jack know that I’ve always wanted to restore an old car?!” 


Well, before Gary gets the Chevy street-ready, he has to deal with the title transfer for not just the car, but also the mobile home. The land the home sits on is real estate, but the mobile home is a vehicle. After going through all of his uncle’s papers, he couldn’t find the titles of the home or the car.

Luckily, Gary heard about Prompt Titles and Registrations on Thomas Rd & 30th Street in Phoenix. He called them and they came to the house to do a Level 1 inspection on the home and the car. As Authorized MVD Third Party Vehicle Inspectors, they provided a “Bonded Title” for both showing clarification of vehicle title ownership.


This process can be used when someone doesn’t have a properly endorsed title or proper supporting documentation.


Now, Uncle Jack could have saved Gary all the trouble by filling out a “Beneficiary Designation” form for “Vehicle Title Transfer Upon Death” when he wrote his will. They still would have had to do a Level 1 inspection because of the missing titles, but ownership would have transferred smoothly when Uncle Jack passed away.

This is a hypothetical story, but if you find yourself in a similar situation or want to designate a beneficiary for your motor home, car or truck, call the friendly folks at Prompt Titles and Registrations for help at 602-957-0450. They also offer auto insurance. It’s your one-stop place to get your vehicle ready for the road. (Vehicles 1966 and older do not require emissions tests.)


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