Proper tire inflation is key to savings & safety

Tire manufacturers have recommendations on tire psi pressure and its relation to auto manufacturers’ weight and load specifications. 

Most vehicles are not equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system or a tire pressure sensor and therefore manual tire pressure monitoring is left up to the vehicle owner or local service provider.  Checking your tire psi pressure is easy to do with a tire pressure gauge – like the one pictured which is available Free from Prompt Titles & Registrations in Phoenix when you come in to register your vehicle or transfer a title. (while quantities last).


Tire pressure can affect the way your tires wear in a number of ways.


  1. Tire pressure may help detect any early leak.
  2. An under-inflated tire may cause your vehicle to pull one way or another affecting both steering and cornering.
  3. An under-inflated tire can affect fuel efficiency.
  4. Tire pressure is a safety issue.  Not keeping your car’s tires at the proper pressure can result in loss of control of the vehicle or a blow out at the worst possible time. 

 Taking a few minutes to check your tire pressure will save you a lot of money. 


Had I done that, a couple of months ago, I would have saved myself $200. My neighbor noticed the tire was low and I rode on it a little too long – long enough to totally destroy it! Even putting air in it at that point would have been useless – it was too far gone. I had to replace it and the other front tire since they need to be balanced. The rear tires are fine. Lesson learned. I got one of the neat tire gauges from Prompt Tittles & Registrations!

Correct tire pressure your car’s tires is printed on the outside of the tire and in the frame of the driver’s door.


How to check the tire pressure with a gauge


  1. Do it when the tires are cool.
  2. Remove the plastic valve capon the tire.
  3. Press the gauge firmly onto the valve stem.
  4. Be sure that you press the gauge onto the stem hard enough.
  5. You should hear a small bit of air escape as you do this.
  6. Record the pressure listed on the gauge and make sure it matches the manufacturer’s specifications.


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